Romina Freschi: On Response

Ahead of publication of Eulalia Books’ first full-length translation, Echo of the Park, Argentinian poet Romina Freschi shared a small journal entry on the importance of response in her writing process.


“Often I write as an aesthetic response. Estremezcales is a reinterpretation of Modernism. El-pE-Yo is illegible without NOIGANDRES. Eco del Parque (Eulalia Books, 2019) has an inescapable foundation in the work of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. I can't separate anything that I have written from the influence of Tarkovsky's films; now and then I submit myself to his irradiation as if going to a thermal bath . . . Then, as variable constants: the ‘appearance’ of some topic occupying my consciousness, my conversation with literature, as with film and rock music, and I won't fail to mention my ‘gang’ of writer-friends, my diary, the ‘special’ diaries that I put together sometimes, my research into specific topics, and my conversation with every word in the moment it forms on the page or meets my ears...”