Propeller Magazine: "The Most Intimate Act of Reading," Joshua Pollock Interviews Jeannine Pitas

In this interview Joshua Pollock and Jeannine Pitas talk translation,. They get quickly to the nitty-gritty issues of reception, representation, intimacy, community, and transgressive circulation (cf. Johannes Göransson). Also featured: five of our favorite moments from Echo of the Park.

Jeannine Pitas speaks with the urgency that characterizes so many translators of poetry these days: “…We need more readers and translators to engage with this wealth of material, and we can try to discover and open things up for some of these wonderful writers who otherwise might not get noticed. That especially includes women, it includes writers of diverse sexual orientations, it certainly includes indigenous writers—right now there’s hardly anything that has been published in the English-speaking world from indigenous writers from South and Central America. There’s so much more work to do.”