Submission Call: Contemporary Latin American Poetry Series

Eulalia Books is open for submissions of book-length translations (48+ pages) of contemporary Latin American poetry and lyric hybrid-genre writing. We publish translations of work by writers who have not yet published a full-length book in English.

We like work by risk-taking translators who take on underrepresented and radical poetries. We believe that the most surprising writing often happens outside the margins of privilege, in various cultural and geographical peripheries. We love translators who work on the ground to find these books. 

We celebrate difficulty and risk, favoring texts whose expressive necessities drive them to the limits of language and form. We want books that expose the lyric to extreme pressures, experimenting with hybridity, monstrosity, and mysticism. We wish to honor what translation does best: to shed light on literature that exposes the limitations of our language, genre, canon, and culture.

We accept translations from all Latin American languages, and we are particularly interested in translations from indigenous languages (Quechua, Mapudungun, Guarani, etc.). 

Please send the full work as a Word or PDF file to Use the words “Manuscript Submission” in the subject line. Be sure to include a bio note for the author and translator. If you are unsure about whether your manuscript meets our criteria, please feel free to query. 

Submissions will be open until April 30, 2019.